Friday, 8 February 2019

Week 1, Term 1, 2019 WHAKAPONO 22

Whakapono 22 NAU MAI, HAERE MAI...

 Table Aotea - getting their title pages done.
 Table Kurahaupo - working together
 Table Tainui working on their title pages
 Missing a few of their table mates - table Te Arawa getting it done.
This is table Mataatua - getting their mahi done.

We are back into 2019 and what a great bunch of tamariki we have this year. We lost one to another school, but we gained 5 new students. 
I hope you are ready... Because Whakapono 22 are coming at YOU.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Kia Ora Whanau

Ko Isabel Katene ahau, no Ngapuhi me Te Arawa ooku Iwi. 

My name is Isabel Katene (Whaea Isabel). I am Whakapono 22 kaiako for 2019.

I was born and partly brought up in Rotorua. We moved and I done my teenage years living in Kaeo, Northland. I moved to Auckland in 1992 and began my training to be a teacher and started teaching at Kaeo Primary School, in the far North.

I am the eldest child of 3. My parents and my sister have passed. My brother lives in Kawerau. He has a beautiful little girl named Jorjah (7) she attends West Harbour School in Massey, Auckland. I live here in Manurewa with my partner and am a proud mama of 3 children, Netana (22, boy), Kotiro Marama (21, girl) and Rereahu (14, boy). My whanau and I are passionate about our culture, our heritage and who we are together and apart. A favourite saying of mine is 'Everyday is a learning day'.

I love what I do and enjoy who I have in front of me every day from them I learn, from me I open new doors for them to look through and beyond. 
I hope you call in to visit and share with me a little about you.
Nga Mihi
Whaea Isabel

 My whanau - L/R Elizabeth (sister), Darren (brother) Jorjah (niece) Louie (mum) and me
Tamati (partner) Rereahu and Netana

Teacher Only Week - Day 1 @ Manurewa Intermediate for our CoL

Our day one at Manurewa Intermediate yesterday 29th January with our CoL.

A great day, with heat and plenty of learning for our #Rowandale teachers.

 Miss Davies trying out the VR glasses
 Miss Liu trying out the glasses

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Whakapono Y6 graduation 2018

We wrap up our 2018 year with my first lot of Y6 students from last year. 

We celebrated their time here with families and friends and had some pretty moving speeches from our head boy and girl and our guest speaker Mr David Letele a.k.a Butterbean.

We ended the evening with dinner out at Happy Days where the students were decked out, ate out and returned with a full puku and more memories to store in their memory bank...

A beautiful day made by some amazing teachers and teacher aides...
Miss Parry, Mrs Alapaki, Mr Savage, Mrs Sagote, Mrs Tamatoa, Mr Ikitule and Mrs Mulipola.

Here are some shots...

 Graduation pamphlet
 Order of the day
 Our Y6s
Nora delivering her speech

 Arriving at Happy Days
 Some of W20
 These girls and boys look amazing

I can only imagine what 2019 will bring... Amazing work Year 6 Whakapono students.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Transition Day - Meet your 2019 teacher

Yesterday we got to meet our 2019 teachers... Some of our students from this year were a little overwhelmed as where they were going, but after the visit they were feeling a lot better...

With my new class we played a game of 'Get to know me bingo' and that was hilarious... Some who walked in confidently were very quiet, so I took my time and away we went, we had laughing, chatter and getting to know each other...

I am looking forward to what 2019 will hold for us all - here a few shots of us giving BINGO a GO 👍

 Roaming around for Bingo
 Asking questions was rather hard for some students
 HMMM who should I ask?
 Trying to get everyone was difficult
No I already asked you Whaea...

Keep watching for what these students have in place for  2019...

Rainbows End 2018

On Friday our leaders, 100% attendance and mentors of #RowandaleSchool were let loose at Rainbows End... What an awesome time they had...

Have a look at some of these...

 Leaders before they leave
 Leanna and Valerie
 Our girls striking a pose
 Candyfloss anyone
 Bumper boats ON
 Bumper Boats round 2
 Isaiah challenging Matthew
 Mr Savage with Rowandale
Spot our children?

Thanks to our organisers for the day... They thoroughly enjoyed their day.

Friday, 7 December 2018

Let's Dance - Auckland Live

#TeamWhakapono spent their last time in the city with Auckland live yesterday. It was yet another amazing time spent with some amazing choreographers, dancers and the music suited our kids.

We had a great day learning 3 styles of dance. Hip hop, ballet and contemporary, I thoroughly enjoyed ballet, however, the kids all enjoyed hip hop...

A huge thanks to our parents who came along and supported us today, also to our TA who came and helped.

Here are some shots of the kids from today, ENJOY...

 Hip Hop with Fresh 

 Learning a routine
 Getting into formation

 Getting into the mood

 Moving around and listening
 Which side was better?
 Contemporary routine - warm up

 Going through our routine

A huge thanks to Mrs Mulipola for organising these wonderful events... I hope we get to do this next year too.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Weetbix Triathlon - #Rowandale 2018

Today we had students from Tumanako and Whakapono classes take part in our annual Weetbix Triathlon/ Tryathlon held at Mountfort Park, Manurewa.

Our teachers took a strong team and 5 of our class members took part to - Isaiah, Roslyn, Taniara, Majete and Wallen.

The main word in there is TRYathlon and I love that these students done JUST that... TRY...

A huge thanks to Whaea Lois, Mrs Alapaki, Mrs Aliifaalogo and Mr Ikitule who went today, also our many families who supported the cause too...

Group shot before they left #RowandaleTryathletes

Roslyn, Anakiu, Majete, Isaiah (arms up), Solomon

Remember whanau we have our trip to the city tomorrow - Let's Dance. Be here between 8.15 to 8.30 am.

W22 Prize giving 2018

2018 has been a huge learning curve for us all in W22. We have had our highs and our lows, we have lost children to other classes, schools and countries... We have gained some new students along the way.

I would like to share our prize winners for yesterday but also need to acknowledge my students who didn't make it on stage, you have worked very hard all year round and will be acknowledged for your mahi.

This is an appreciation post to my families who have supported your children this year, you are amazing and I am thankful that I had you as my whanau tautoko this year. Nga Mihi kia koutou katoa...

 W22 taken by Mrs Lavea
 W22 taken by Mr Vasau - Prize winners Jaydene, Majete, Taniara, William, Jordyn, Roslyn and Isaiah
 Our head boy Peni, deputy head boy Edrian, head girl Roslyn and deputy head girl Anakiu - Leadership team for 2019

I also want to congratulate Isaiah, Anita, Roslyn and Taniara for house captain role for 2019. 
Amazing work team...

Monday, 26 November 2018

Ice block this morning... YAY...

This morning Mr Vasau treated the whole school (courtesy of Tip Top) to a kiwifruit and watermelon ice block.

We all filed up to the school carpark and got one from Mrs Rakich or Mrs Tamatoa.

Thanks Mr Vasau and Tip Top... You ROCK...

Whaea you got 2? WHAT?

Good start to our Monday...