Friday, 23 February 2018

Week 4 - Writing, team building and swimming

This week we have been refreshing our minds with how narratives are written. This week we are in full swing of planning, checking through and editing our work. 
 Micah, Roslyn and Eugen sharing
 William and Isaiah checking each others work
 Alirae and Jordyn checking work together
 Talitha and Taniara

This week Whaea has made us think about how we talk to each other. Think before we speak, respect others and their thoughts in our room and there will be days where we dont always get along, so we need to work on how to get past these moments. We had to get from one end of these bars (using one side only) to the other and encourage each other along the way...

As buddies we came up with what technique to use, then work from there. Check these guys out...

Today we had our 3rd session at swimming, we are improving each and every week... Well Done Whakapono 22 I am proud of each of your achievements...

If you are free one Friday morning from 10.00 am to 10.30 am head to Manurewa Pools and see how well we are doing. 
Have a safe weekend one and all... 


  1. I like the way Roslyn, Eugene and Micha are sharing their writing. its cool seeing Whakapono 22 encouraging others to complete the task of going across the monkey bars. I wish I could come and see you guys swimming in a Friday.

    Awesome blog guys

  2. Thank you for the awesome blog #WHAKAPONO22 ... a very focussed class for learning ... cant wait to hear more about the progress you are making towards your #LearningGoals for 2018