Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Most Punctual to Class - Way to go Whakapono 22

This is our certificate for being at school on time all of last week.

Did you know that if you get to school on time, you get a better chance of meeting with your friends, prepare yourself for your learning and get time with your teacher to see how your learning is going? Thats why she is at school early so she can help you with your learning...

Last week we only had one person who was late to school. ONE- 1... Thats pretty good out of a class of 24. If we are late it is noticed not just by our students, but our peers, or our learning. Sometimes we cant help it, other times we can... So this week we are learning to manage ourselves in our class. Manage our time so that we are able to be in the right place at the right time.

Nga Mihi Whaea Lois we will look after our Taonga until the next class tries and takes it from us... Whanau we start school at 8.55am, if they are late please let our office ladies know or give me a text so I can add that to my information.


  1. Ka pai tamariki ma... Ka pai nga matua o nga tamariki ki te hoki mai nga tamariki ki te kura.