Thursday, 15 March 2018

WOW... Whakapono 22 are out doing themselves week by week. First with only 1 late to class in week 6 and now this with our school Park and Walk yesterday. 

Come on whanau get out of the car, walk your child in to KURA, save the congestion that we have regularly at our school gate... Awesome work Whakapono 22, keep it UP...


  1. I agree, Whakapono 22! You are great role models for the rest of the school. Awesome mahi- congratulations on leading the way in keeping our environment healthy by pushing play. Your teacher is an amazing Role Model for you

  2. Being at school on time and everyday is so important to ensure you do not miss any essential learning ... congratulations #Whakapono22 for great Punctuality!