Thursday, 24 May 2018

Science Roadshow at Green Meadows Intermediate.

We left for Greenmeadows Intermediate and that was it... Science crazed children for the entire afternoon...
Children, staff and parents were impressed with the amazing demonstration of how things work... Our students were mesmerised with all their activities...

Here are a few shots of our time.

 Arriving at Greenmeadows

 And so we begin... What have you found boys?
 Our boys are glued to this...

 Te Ranginui having a GO at this one...
 Watch our rubbish go up the shoot

 Nardia just finished behind the curtain

Te Ranginui what are you doing?

 Our man Azlyn having a go...

Jordyn waiting patiently

 Lorraine and Talitha 

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  1. I’m so happy that #Whakapono22 enjoyed the #ScienceRoadShow at #GreenmeadowsIntermediate ... it’s great that @RowandaleSchool students are exploring the amazing area of #ScienceLearning