Friday, 1 June 2018

Let's Sing - Auckland Live. Our Whakapono Trip to the city

What an amazing experience given to our Whakapono students... Our children who have never been into the city were mesmerised by the tall buildings, amount of cars and noise level that is found in town.

They were shown around the Aotea Square theatres by two amazing guides Catherine and Niamh, we walked from town hall to the Herald Theatre, then to ASB Theatre back to the concert chamber with Frances and James.

Morning Tea and lunch was out in the square where everyone had a good run around before we headed back inside. 
The bus seemed to be the highlight for many of our students... 

 Our bus ride into the city... We jumped on the luxurious bus in.
 Our arrival to the Town Hall
 Our Green Whakapono Team
 One of our tutors going through their jobs while working at the Herald Theatre
 Over at ASB Theatre
 Over 2,000 people can fit in here
 Stage for one of the up and coming shows in the city
 Our children being show cased...
 Two very talented men right here - both show case on Maori TV, Thursday nights 9.00pm
3 of these 4 belong to Whakapono 22. Blake, Taniara and Lorraine

A huge thanks to our amazing mum's who came along 
 Mrs Lavea and Taniara
Jaydene and Rachel
Without these ladies we wouldn't of been able to go... Thank you both so much. Another amazing helper is Mrs Seulata who gave up her time to help us out (she was hiding from the camera)...

Another brilliant trip planned with our teachers to create another memory for our Whakapono Team. 

Thanks Whakapono Teachers...


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  2. Looks like you all had a great time Whakapono 22. We sure did in Whakapono 17. I agree, a brilliant trip filled with lots of interactive and fun things to do.