Thursday, 28 June 2018

Mahi Whai - Matariki

Matariki began on Thursday 15th June and goes to 16th July.

This week we have been introduced to other means of entertainment (no power needed) and I have to admit, this challenged a few of our children... BUT the results have been amazing...

2 of diamonds, 4 of diamonds, cup and saucer and parachute... Some designs you would do using string/ wool... Some parents took their child's string and remembered a lot more than what they thought...

These were games our Tipuna played back in the RA. Hand games such as hipitoetoe or hei tama tu tama, games that that require skill and cunningness to outwit you buddy. So far we have done string games... Have a look and see what we have done.

 Jesse showing me open the gate?

Andrew proud of getting his shape formation
 Ryan attacking another design
 Alirae and Lavinia watching and learning
Roslyn and Lorraine learning from each other and off Youtube.
Some of these they needed me or else they looked up via youtube to make new patterns. Today they had to teach each other a new pattern, it is amazing the learning they get from each other. Check next week and see what else we have here for you...

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  1. Just love your Tradition Maori Games #Whakapono22 in celebration of #Matariki ... thank you for sharing with our @RowandaleSchool Whanau