Friday, 22 June 2018

Our first attempt of OOBLECK - how does it go from at solid to a liquid again?

We have been talking about it for the last 3 weeks today we got to make it. OK it may not have worked on the first go, but as the saying goes... If at first we fail, try and try again...

Oobleck is a slight moderation of SLIME which all of our children enjoy playing with. However, this concoction works as a solid and a liquid... So lets find out what our kids think? Also what is it about oobleck/ slime that they like?

So it didn't quite go to plan, we learnt that we needed MORE cornflour, also that if we left for a minute to set and then can play with it and see what else we can do? So we have researched how to make it with other ingredients like cornflour (in place of cornstarch) plain flour - we will continue in trying to get this right.

Watch this space...

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