Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Team Whakapono Science Roadshow

We made OOBLECK...

What is that? It is similar to slime, but can hold a solid form as well as turn into liquid.
It is a messy piece of work,  but it is SO much FUN...

We also got to have a look at what our other classes done too. Most of us headed to the SLIME, play dough and eatable slime classes.

Talitha and William were our presenters today - they said that there were a lot of children who just splashed. They enjoyed in how GOOEY it felt in the tray.

Check these photo's out...

 Whakapono 18
 Whakapono 18
Our play dough station
 Eatable putty station
Our lava models
 Stress Balls - made by Ezekiel
 Lava Lamps
 Dancing Rasins
Whakapono 21

This is on until 4.00pm today... Come down if you can.

Well Done Team Whakapono...

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