Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Fun Run #RowandaleStyles

Kia Orana Katoatoa...

Fun Run Rowandale styles saw our Whakapono students hitting the road for their camp fundraiser... I am amazed with their efforts and had to have a giggle at some of their excuses that they came up with to... Whaea the sweat is in my eye? My ankle is broken... I think I had a few of these when I was their age too... Some of their action shots from today.


 Leading two
 Core of our runners
 Inching their way through the 5 laps

 These four stuck together the whole way around...

Some of our boys encouraging others.

Great effort by all who ran today... I am always amazed at your determination of each of those laps... Well Done Team Whakapono


  1. Fantastic Fun Run effort from all especially our students (lol @ excuses). Well done teachers too especially Mr. Savage for running with them, road patrol staff and bike patrol team =). Thanks for posting up the first pics of today Whaea Isabel.

  2. Well done Team Whakapono. It will be all worth it when you get to camp!

  3. Very proud of your effort #TeamWhakapono ... thanks to all the families and friends who have supported our students with fundraising to ensure we have enough funding for the @RowandaleSchool Year 6 Camp