Tuesday, 4 September 2018

#Whakapono22 Tongan Language Week

Malo e lelei - Greetings from Whakapono 22...

Our challenge in school to create our own kiekie (Tongan belt). Thanks to Whaea Mary who is in full control this week - she is taking on the making of our kiekie using Geometry shapes and designs to create our own. 

We have researched the past two days around things to do with Tonga, now we are looking at some of their designs used in their tapa, their kiekie and other patterns that they have in their culture.

I look forward to their final results. I am posting the starting of our mahi - keep watching for the final products.

 Jesse and Jaydene getting creative.
 Wallen and Jordyn sharing ideas
 Blake looking at his next design
 Majete and Taniara researching and drawing
 Te Ranginui and Julien calculating their next steps
Isaiah and Eugen getting their mahi done
 Te Ranginui

Most of our final products in time for our Tongan assembly today.
Well done W22...

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  1. Malo Aupito #Whakapono22 for your awesome blog about what you have been doing at @RowandaleSchool for Tongan Language Week with Whaea Mary ... #Kiekie #Research #Design #Drawing