Sunday, 23 September 2018

Zoofari FINALLY...

Since week 1 when I told my class that we were going to Auckland Zoo, we had been counting down until it came OMG... Excitement was put on hold as our weather was not behaving, and we thought we would of had to be postponed...

BUT, our prayers were answered and what do you know - we were loaded onto our buses, sent in the direction of Grey Lynn and ZOOFARI we were here...

Out of our class of 24, ten of us had been to the zoo. Sadly 4 who weren't at school on the day we ventured out, meanwhile the the other 10 who hadn't been were enjoying a great day out... As this was funded by Ritches and The Warehouse the experience will be forever in our minds for years to come... We have many photos to accompany this trip, so sit back and have a good look at some of our shots...

What is your favourite animal at the zoo?

 Briefing with Mr Ikitule
 Assembled with one of our guides
 Bus ride over
 Chilling while we can
 Our boys relaxing before our day

Assembled and briefing with one of our guides
 On our walk with our guide Frazer
 Frazer sharing his knowledge

 Our tamariki learning about Red Panda

 Frazer and W22
 We were allowed to see an operation happen on a animal
 Us learning to be quiet
 Mother tiger
 W22 mesmerised
 Learning about the tigers
 Mama's son
 William holding a tiger claw
 Isaiah with a smell pocket -something the tigers can sniff out
 Having a MOE
 Emu and her eggs

 One of Australias largest stick insects OMG they are huge...
 I wonder if he is related to Richie McCaw???

 Checking out the HUGE Eels... No Whaea we cannot eat them

 One of Whaea favourite animals - having a scratch thank you
 Giraffes having a munch
 My little group - Dakotah, Eugen, Azlyn and Ryan (who arrived back from England on Wednesday)

 Ryan and Eugen
 W22 ready for home
My kids are such posers LOL
A huge thanks to our whanau helpers for the day - Whaea Mary, Whaea Leslie, Whaea Jasmine and Miss Seulata... without your support our day would not of been possible... Thank You

W22 over and out bring on Week 10...

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  1. What an awesome blog #Whakapono22 ... the Zoo is such an amazing resource that we are so happy to access ... wish all your students got to go ... love your photos ... more awesome learning opportunities happening at @RowandaleSchool