Friday, 19 October 2018

#Rowandale Niuean and Indian Language Celebration

We are proud when we get to represent our cultures and put them out for all to see and enjoy... I was so proud of our children who practised all the songs, dances and actions for today's performance - AMAZING.

We had both cultures on display and the teachers and parents who taught and showed these children their dances were amazing - some of our children have been performing for the last 3 years, so this would be their last year at performing for our Rowandale whanau.

I hope you enjoy our photos...

 Our children singing our National Anthems for India and Niue

 Our Indian dancers
 Our boys showing off their skills too - with our girls
Our Y6 girls doing their final Indian dance for their time here.

 Aroha 6 with Miss Ngatuakana - Beautiful performance
 Our fierce warriors -'Amanaki...
In preparation for our last dance for the day.

Another huge thanks to our many whanau who came out to enjoy the day, also to our amazing staff who taught songs and dances, made outfits and prepared our kai... YOU ARE AMAZING... We thank you for all of your hard work... 

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  1. Fakaaue Lahi #Whakapono22 for your amazing blog that covered what @RowandaleSchool and your class did and enjoyed about Niue Language Week 2018 and our Diwali Celebrations ... Your photos are amazing! ... Homo e gahua haau - Mitaki Lahi