Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Touch Tournament at Bruce Pullman - Thursday 25th October, 2018.

We went up against some pretty talented players indeed. Our coaches (Mrs Aliifaalogo, Miss Murray and Whaea Isabel) were out in the sun, rain and overcast for the day.

Our Y5 team had 4 games against, Weymouth, Hill Park, Clendon Wiri Central School. We drew against Hill Park school and lost the rest.
Our Y6 team had 6 games against - Manurewa West, Manurewa South, Wiri Central, Homai, Takanini and Te Matauranga. We won one and one draw and four losses.

We want to say thank you to our parents who came out and helped with transport for the day, who cheered and stood there in the rain with us too. THANK YOU...

Here are a few photo's of what happened on the day.

 Our Y5 and Y6 teams with Miss Murray and Mrs Aliifaalogo
 Y6 team 
 Mrs Aliifaalogo - ref for the day
 Our Y5 on defense
 Rosyln and Everton
 Y6 vs Wiri Central
 Whaea refereed our Y6 games - getting us on our 5.
 Run away try
Everton on the hunt for a try...

If you didn't make the team this year, give it a try for next year. Thanks to our awesome parents and teachers for supporting us.

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