Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Puberty Talk - Friday 16th November, 2018

Last Friday we discussed with our puberty educator Char about our bodies and the changes our body goes through. Some of us were overwhelmed with the information shared, while others were rather open to learning about what happens to their body when they get to certain ages, times of their lives. 

Our educator Char was lovely, she was patient and willing to answer any questions that we had. 

Here are some pictures of our time with Char...

 Sharing with the class an activity they needed to do.
Listening to what Char has to share 
 We were divided into 6 groups
Most of us listening attentively
 Char getting into the nitty gritty of what we have in our packs.

A busy day for us indeed...

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  1. Puberty is a very important topic to be discussed and we take our responsibility seriously at @RowandaleSchool to help out students understand and cope with these natural challenges ... good blog #Whakapono22